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Mr "O" 's aquariums


Welcome to Mr "O" 's website!

Mr “O” started his aquarium activities back in the 70’s. Since then, he has dedicated body and soul to his hobby, always remaining faithful to freshwater aquariums. His preferences go to recreating Lake Tanganyika’s environments, in Tanzania. And of course, his favourite fish are cichlids! (Do you know who is Mr “O”????)


Among the chain of lakes on the bottom of the Western Great Rift Valley, Lake Tanganyika is outstanding for its extraordinary north-south extension (670 km) and depth (1,470 m). It is the second largest of African lakes, the second deepest (next to L. Baikal) and the longest lake of the world. Its very ancient origin, only rivalled by such old lakes as Baikal, and a long period of isolation resulted in the evolution of a great number of indigenous organisms, including brilliantly colored cichlid fishes, well-known gastropods with the appearance of marine snails, and so on. Of the 214 species of native fishes in the lake, 176 are endemic; the number of endemic genera amounts to 30 in cichlids and 8 in non- cichlid fishes.